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2 min readDec 26, 2021


What Gaming chair does most Indian Youtubers, Gamers, Steamers use? If you are looking for the same, then here it is ‘The Green Soul’ is the best gaming chair company in India, and frequently selling one of the best gaming chair under 15000. Still searching for one of the best gaming chair for ps4 or professional use? This is a very awesome chair if you sit in front of the computer for a long term use. And this chair is extremely comfortable with the 4D arm rest and the soft cushion. Here we unboxing Indian Gaming Chair –

Great quality for great price!

Green Soul Gaming Chair India or Green Soul Beast Gaming Chair

A comfortable gaming chair — This gaming beast chair comes with a breathable soft fabric that allows airflow with easy position lock and ranging from 90–180 degree.

Ergonomic gaming chair with adjustable arms — Wider and Thicker Armrests with Ergonomic shape that can be adjusted in 3 Dimensions which are — Height adjustment, Angle adjustment, and Forth-Back adjustment.

Ergonomic gaming chair with adjustable lumbar support — Adjustable & Removable Lumbar Support Pillow is included with the Chair providing maximum comfort to your back especially when you play or work for long hours.

Features of Gaming Chair Ergonomic Design

Green Soul Ergonomic Gaming Chair pros and cons

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